Whited Farms

Whited Farms is located in Oneonta, Alabama and began in 1930. As our farm has grown, so has our family and the varieties we grow! We’re known for growing tomatoes, cantaloupe, and squashes. You’ll find our produce at local grocery stores and at our farm stand. When we come to Market on Saturdays, we bring a good variety of all that’s in season. We have been attending the Market since the beginning in the early 2000’s!

from my farm

blueberries / beans / beets / broccoli / cabbage / cantaloupes / cauliflower / collards / corn / cucumbers / eggplants / eggs / figs / onions (perennial/green) / onions (bulb/sweet) / okra / peaches / peas / peppers / potatoes / squash (summer) / strawberries / sweet potatoes / tomatoes / watermelons