Toby Klein Art

Like a real Kaleidoscope, Toby’s art is created with a burst of color, symmetry of design and motion all captured in “The Artists Kaleidoscopic World”. Her goal in creating work is to intrigue each person by drawing their eye into the piece of art, while holding it there so they may see all of the intricate detail. In developing her style, she has always been intrigued by different and unusual pieces of art and has strived to do the same in her work.

She is an award winning & published mixed media artist, whose work is contemporary and ranges from different degrees of abstraction and experimental to representation. Her images both representational and non-objective show the use of color, design & techniques as seen through the artist eyes.

All of Toby’s art either Watercolor, Mixed Media or Kiln-formed Glass, are Made with Love, although some took much longer than others.

from my studio

kiln-formed glass décor and jewelry / necklaces