Sweet Claire’s Caboose

Ginny and Eric Sorenson started Sweet Claire’s Caboose food trailer to sell baked goods, pastries, and premade sandwiches throughout the Birmingham area.

Ginny is a graduate of Culinary Institute of America – Greystone and has always wanted to open a bakery. She has over 25 years experience in various bakeries stretching from the Napa Valley in California to Atlanta. She most recently was a bakery manager for Publix.

Eric is retired Navy and has been in Healthcare Administration for over 40 years. His experience in a professional kitchen has just begun and he is loving every minute of it!

Together, they are hitting the road to bring baked goods to a neighborhood, office park, wedding, and farmers market near you! Just look for the caboose!

from my food truck

breakfast pastries / biscuits / muffins / whoopie pies / cookies / handheld pies / sandwiches