Stone Hollow Farmstead

Stone Hollow Farmstead is family owned and operated by a mother-daughter team and family members. Our farm is located in Shelby County in Harpersville, Alabama. We are proud to be a part of a flourishing agricultural economy within a community that seeks to preserve our rural heritage. Today, we house several diverse but farm-related businesses like our creamery, natural skin care collections, herbs and more. We bring our artisan goat’s milk cheeses, canned goods and flowers to market year-round!

from my farm

blackberries / beans / blueberries / broccoli / carrots / cantaloupes / cheese (goat’s milk + cow’s milk) / eggs / figs / flowers / herbs / jams / onions (perennial/green) / jellies / lettuce / okra / peas / plant starters / peppers / pickled goods / plant starters / preserves / pumpkins / strawberries / squash (winter) / watermelons