Southern Brothers Pork Skins

Established in 2014. Our passion is the South. Southern food in particular. Pork Skins, or Pork Rinds as some people call them, are a Southern staple.

I want to bring freshly cooked and seasoned pork skins to people who have never tried them or have only had them from a gas station. By the time they buy them those pork skins have been bagged and boxed, held in a warehouse, shipped to another warehouse to be put on trucks to go to a store where they might sit in a stockroom for a week or two before going onto the shelf.

The flavor difference is obvious when I see the faces of the people when they try our products or when I see them the next week as they return for more. That is where the love of food and the passion comes from.

from my kitchen

fresh deep friend pork skins seasoned with a variety of spices – low carb, paleo-friendly, keto, no MSG!