Selective Selections by She

Selective Selections By She is a hand poured candle company based out of Alabama. We were birthed in Alabama during the worldwide pandemic of 2020 with a vision to captivate and bring a small sense of relaxation, peace, joy, and comfort through fragrances.

Our purpose is to create a memorable and enchanting ambiance. We hope that our customers sense our passion and love in every item, and during every use. Our goal is to formulate and design a line of products that leaves a captivating experience as well as provides a healthier atmosphere. We tailor our candle to meet the needs of our customers by offering a Natural Soy and a Luxury Coconut Apricot wax. The reason we offer two type of wax is that some customers may prefer a softer scent throw of the candles while other my choose a more luxury and pungent scent throw.

made in my studio