Nanna’s Banana Puddin’

Mama Ruby worked hard all of her life. It wasn’t an easy life, raising us 8 kids alone, but she took good care of us. I always knew my mama loved me – but it wasn’t until I tried to make her banana pudding that I realized quite how MUCH she loved me.

Mama Ruby didn’t show her love with words but she sure fed it to us by the spoonful. The kitchen was her domain and for an extra special treat, she would make us banana pudding. REAL banana pudding. COOKED banana pudding. She’d prepare the pudding on the stove, slowly stirring the pot to make sure it didn’t burn… continue reading Nanna’s story.

This is a pudding made the old-fashioned way – from scratch with real natural ingredients, patience, and tender loving care.

from my kitchen

homestyle banana pudding