I started scrolling in 1997. It was by chance that I found even found a scroll saw. My grandfather and I had went to Big Lots and they had one on close out. It was a cheap saw, about $40. Once I got home with it, I took it out and turned it on and I really enjoyed it. That saw only last about a month before I got a “better” saw. That was a craftsman brand. I had recently built a building out of reclaimed wood and tin from a chicken house that had been blown down by a tornado. I quickly turned that into my shop. I have since bought many different brands of scroll saws with my favorite one being my current saw made by General Machinery called the Excalibur ex-21.

I enjoy the freedom the reclaimed wood gives you. The more you knock it around, the better it looks. On the complete opposite side I really enjoy making detailed plaques, and ornaments. I love using different hardwoods and letting the beauty of the wood show through the protective finish. You would be surprised at all the colors of wood there is. Another item that I really enjoy making now is cutting boards. You can use all the natural colored wood and create some awesome designs with them

from my studio

woodwork / décor / kitchen accessories like cutting boards