HD Farm

HD Farm is a small family farm in east central Alabama located in Eastaboga near the Talladega Superspeedway. The 95 acre farm owned and operated by Henry & Paula Dorough specializes in pasture-raised, all-natural lambs. All of our lamb products come from lambs born and raised on our farm. Our Katahdin hair sheep provide cuts of meat that are lean and mild in flavor.  Our customers tell us it’s “the best lamb ever.”

Our farming philosophy centers on the principle of sustainable, year-round grazing with little to no supplemental nutrition. Of course, nature is not always perfect when it comes to farming, so when necessary, we purchase hay and other supplements to keep our animals happy and healthy during the occasional gaps in forage availability. Our management practices focus on building and maintaining healthy soils that support a variety of lush, nutritious forages for the sheep to graze. We nurture a variety of cool season and warm season perennial and annual forages to provide the highest quality nutrition for our flock. Our sheep spend their entire lives grazing our green pastures.

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