Epicurious Infusions

Based out of Guntersville, Alabama, Epicurious Infusions was inspired by many things, but the main event that sparked its creation was a trip to Mexico.

When our founder tasted the difference between ‘store bought’ and homemade vanilla bean extract, she was hooked! The depth and quality of flavor produced from fresh, real vanilla beans rose far above the taste of ‘store bought’ vanilla extract.

So she set off, with the help of her daughter, on a pursuit to help bring that depth and quality of flavor to everyone interested in the BEST tasting extracts, flavored vinegar, flavored salts and sugars, and herb + spice mixtures an epicure can use to make their own personal recipes.

made in my kitchen

spices/herbs / infusion kits / infused vinegars / homemade vanilla extract / vanilla infused sugar and truvia