Drifter Clay

My name is Haley and I am the one woman show behind Drifter Clay. My dream job has always been to be an artist; for years I picked up and put down different art mediums searching for the right fit.

I enrolled in college with the intention of pursuing film photography and quickly absorbed all the art classes they would let me take. Feeling creatively hindered, I dropped out and did some much needed traveling and soul searching. I soon found myself in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. This is where I took my first class in clay and needless to say, I had finally found my passion. I fell in love immediately and from that point I was hooked and spent many hours in local ceramics studios, where I got my first exposure to a local ceramic guild, which was inspiring and educational.

During my time there, I worked to learn as much as I could to learn about my craft and so grateful to this day for that opportunity. That experience has fueled a dream to one day create a community around clay to help others who are as passionate as I am. After a while, my roots began to call me back down south.

made in my studio