Dalle Momo

Dumplings, called momos in Nepal, is a delicacy enjoyed in all regions and also by the diaspora overseas as a feel good reminder of home.
The fillings differ, with multiple options for varying tastes, but common ones are chicken as a non vegetarian option, and cabbage/coleslaw or tofu in egg free wonton wrap as a vegan option. They are steamed in bhadas (steamers), and as alternate presentations after can be fried (kothe momo), hot and spicy (c momo, where c stands for chili) etc. All variations are served with tomato sauce, which too come in varying tastes and texture.
We wanted to share this because all our friends in Alabama love it, and in Colorado when we lived in the Denver metro did the same. It is our go-to when we have get togethers.

from my kitchen

authentic Nepalese dumplings
vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties available