Crave Candles Co.

Simply put, Crave Candles began as a hobby in the home of owner, Lori Newell. Lori began sharing her hobby with friends and family as gifts, and as they say, “the rest is history”.Today, Lori believes life is best lived with passion. That’s why Crave Candles is so passionate about helping make your house a warm and inviting home. At Crave, our attention to detail makes your home shine

We provide 100% customer satisfaction through our relationship with you and our community. We take pride in recycling used bottles from wine and spirits and re-purpose them to create beautiful candle holders. As a family-owned business, Crave is inspired by the rich history of Birmingham, which influenced our Steel City Collection. Crave Candles is all about quality and we are proud to share our collections, crafted locally by our hands to your home.

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hand-poured small batch soy candles