Churro Station

Authentic homemade churros cooked on-site at the Market on Saturdays.

Our story:
Jazmin & Aaron moved to Birmingham from Mexico in 2019 for work.

In their attempt to find food that would bring them closer to their country, they only found tacos, tacos and tacos! It just was not enough.

While at a party with friends, they decided to make churros using recipes from their Mexican and Spanish grandparents.
This led them to discover the perfect authentic churro: crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Several friends from Colombia, Cuba, Honduras, Japan, Mexico and the United States tested our churros. They commented they reminded them of their childhood and they were delicious! Churro Station was born.

Our name was inspired by stations around the world where someone’s waiting for their next trip – sometimes in a hurry and with an empty stomach. It’s those moment when you’re looking for something quick, affordable and delicious to start or end your trip.

We would love to connect with you and hope you’ll share our Churros so that together we can bring lasting memories others!

from my kitchen

churros made on-site at the Market – hot and fresh!