Blue Ribbon Dairy

Blue Ribbon Dairy (BRD) is a woman owned family farm. Michaela Wilson is the 4th generation to milk on the farm and currently milks cows in the barn her great- grandfather built in 1947 to become a grade-A dairy. Blue Ribbon Dairy milks an average of 32 cows, 3 different breeds: Holstein, Brown Swiss & Jersey. BRD vat pasteurizes & bottles all of the milk from their cows

BRD is different than most dairy farms because they solely depend on the consumer to purchase the milk. They do not sell excess milk to a cooperative. BRD milk is cream-line, so you must shake it before you pour.

The cows are milked by Michaela, the dairy farmer, & her mother, PJ. BRD has 5 part-time employees who help to bottle the milk, make ice cream, and help keep the barnyard clean. The milk is delivered by Michaela and her father, Jimmy. It’s a family affair to keep the dairy running.

from my farm

vat pasteurized cream-line milk / premium homemade ice cream