Angie and A Ginger

Angie and a Ginger first began in 2015 as a way to pour into people and share our love for creating delicious food, beautiful jewelry and colorful home ascents.

I am Angie, nice to meet you. The hubby – he is the Ginger and he is the one that named our shop. 🙂 He is my best friend, my partner in our crazy adventures and my soul mate. It took awhile for us to find each other, but it was a gift worth waiting for, and God’s timing is ever faithful and perfect.

Over the years, we have created an array of handcrafted artisan products. We are now proud and delighted to say that Angie and a Ginger is home to the delicious Brown Sugar and Brown Sugar Chipotle Walnuts.

In 2018, we added our Brown Sugar and Brown Sugar Chipotle Walnuts are roasted and candied for your eating pleasure. They were created as a result of Angie’s hard work in the kitchen creating both a healthy, but naughty treat!

from my kitchen

candied walnuts / vegan-friendly / gluten-free