Project Description

Stately Made

Stately Made® was born out of a love of history and culture, pretty paper, and my home, the good ole South. My studio humbly resides in Birmingham, Alabama and aims to bring smiles and an appreciation for the culture that makes each state and region of this great nation just that – great. When I was in college, I took several folklore and southern history classes and noticed that something inside me came alive as I learned about traditional arts, music, foodways, and folktales that were unique to each region and state. It gave me a sense of state pride and an appreciation for my own family history, the roots I had come from. After I took a formal calligraphy class, my two passions began to intersect in the form of hand lettering quotes and bits of state and regional culture, which I turned into greeting cards and prints. I took a particular interest in state foodways, which studies how food intersects with history and culture, because no matter where you call home, food is a sweet (and savory) reminder of the kinship and traditions you share with others, both family and neighbors. Once I created a foodways print for Alabama, I knew I had to keep going for all 50 states!

I am inspired by my home and the phrases the folks I grew up around used. My heart behind all my products is to truly celebrate the South, to show off our best qualities, and invite others into that joy and celebration, whether it be our food, our pastimes, or the way we talk.

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