Project Description

Naughty But Nice Kettle Corn

Who knew that I would go from selling snowcones from the snow cone machine my grandmother got me for Christmas to selling POPscicles on 10th Ave West in my neighborhood with childhood friends during the Alabama (RTR) and Auburn (War Eagle ) games that were played at Legion Field. Now to POPping addictive hand crafted kettle corn. All of our flavors are lightly sweet and lightly salted  to give each flavor a unique and distinctive taste. Always having a passion for entrepreneurship and community service, I parted ways from corporate America, which had been very good to me by the way, to take a chance on this fun and exciting concept. We strive to create an experience that families, friends, PoPcorn and kettle corn lovers will never forget. We keep it interestingly different! We love PoPping up at community events, special events, weddings, corporate events, birthday parties or on your couch on a Friday Movie Night!

It’s more than PoPped kernels at NBNKC, It’s FUN, FRESH & FESTIVE. So grab a bag or a few and SMILE because it doesn’t exist for any other reason!