Kate Morris Jewelry

Kate’s passion for jewelry design began in her teen years. When Kate was 16, she traveled to Bolivia to work with a group of missionaries. There she saw artisans from all different walks of life use a variety of materials and colors to create works of art. Through her travels, she became acquainted with different types of gemstones, metals and jewelry making processes.

At age 17, Kate was inspired to make her own jewelry because of some interesting materials she found. There began Kate’s jewelry making adventure. Kate started making jewelry for herself, which turned into gifts for friends, and then she sold to friends which lead to online sales, local stores and artisan shows. From then on, Kate used the profits she made from her jewelry to spend her summers through high school and college in South America on Mission trips.

In college, Kate majored in Interior Architecture and Spanish. Her passion for design and the Spanish language is seen in each piece of jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is made with care and special attention to detail. At minimum, 10% of every order goes to the International Mission Board. Jewelry design is an exciting way to share the gifts that God has given Kate. Kate continues to be inspired to create unique, fashionable, and chic jewelry that can be worn everywhere from errands to an event.