Just Like Mom’s

First, Just Like Mom’s would like to introduce you to my mother, Marion Parker. She taught me everything I needed to know to get started on what has become a life-long journey in baking. This is the reason for the name, JUST LIKE MOM’s. Credit is definitely due there. She was a great teacher and I was an eager student. There was magic in the kitchen as she taught me to cook and bake and make something delicious out of a few basic ingredients and I am GRATEFUL to her every day for these lessons. This is one of my two all-time favorite pictures of my Mother, in her little kitchen, in an apron and with a bowl of butter. She has literally fed thousands from that little kitchen. She is the best, master of all roll making in my eyes and a great mentor. Along with my Dad, they provided the best home base, guidance and freedom to create, believe in myself and the knowledge of WHO I AM and my responsibility to contribute and be productive in my community. I am BLESSED to be their daughter and to have, HANDS DOWN, the BEST brothers and sisters on the planet from them!

I have no greater enjoyment than to prepare delicious things for my own family and again, I am blessed with the best husband and two sons any woman could ever ask for. Steve, Jake and Sam are “MY REASON”, the LOVES of my life, along with being my taste testers and my unintentional bakery staff. I am so proud of the good people they are and want them to always know what a blessing they are to me every single day of my life.

As I start this journey to try and take a hobby to something that helps pay the bills, I will count on EVERY lesson they all ever taught me and will rely on their continued strength and encouragement.

To my church, extended family, friends and neighbors, I am not sure why I got so lucky to grow up where I did, live where I have lived in the past and currently reside in the great state of Alabama (ROLL TIDE!) that I do, but I know this, all of you I have met along the way are such a HUGE blessing to me! I appreciate you! No matter if I have known you for 5 minutes or 50 years, you matter and have made a difference in my life and I THANK YOU for your continued love and support. Y’all are fun to cook for and I have learned a few baking tricks from you along the way as well, so thank you for sharing!

I am baking as a hobby with a purpose, but especially for the LOVE of it. It is my goal to make you something delicious that you will enjoy and I hope in some small way, it will BLESS your life from time to time and help you to know the sweet JOY that GOD has blessed your life with as much as He has mine.