The Oxy Morons String Band

2024 Market Schedule

  • July 13: 29th St. Stage
  • Oct 19: 29th St. Stage

The Oxy Morons are an acoustic quartet that play an eclectic mix of music - from almost bluegrass to string-band R&B. We specialize in tunes you've never heard and some dance-along classics (for the third set survivors). Instruments include acoustic guitars, bass, mandolin, kazoogle, dobro, banjo, blues harp, steel and banjo ukuleles, and fiddle. Three part harmony may be their saving grace. The Morons are a quartet of old AM radio rockers that turned to folk-ish ways when pop-rock turned to polyester in the 80's. They include a reformed garage band rocker (Joe) on guitars and dobro, a pre-folk country music revivalist (Jamie) on harp and ukeleles, a late blooming folk-rocker (Stephen) playing rhythm on just about anything, and a classical violinist (Roger) with a serious fiddling habit.