A Visit to Magic City Mushrooms, by Market Manager, Lisa Beasley
Irondale, Alabama, Jefferson County

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Magic City Mushrooms is located in east Birmingham. Owner Tim Pfitzer is the grower. Tim is a trained chef and has worked in the restaurant business for years.
A forager, Tim loves discovering mushrooms out in the wild, along with other naturally growing herbs and plants which are all edible and healthy.

Growing mushrooms is a natural progression from his foraging days, and is born from his desire to provide high quality, good tasting food to his community.

Tim’s mushroom growing started small, but over the last year, his interest and investment in growing mushrooms has developed into a large project on his property. Under construction is a clean growing house in which he can shelve mushroom bricks to ripen and produce fruit, usually in about 80 days.

Tim is experimenting with growing mushrooms on logs and in raised beds of mulch and straw. He also has a small, but delightful greenhouse, in which he currently has several varieties of mushrooms fruiting.
Magic City Mushrooms is a simply operation set up in a lovely wooded area next to Tim’s home. A natural spring, producing fresh and clean water, contributes to his small urban farm making it easy to keep his mushroom farming nurtured and clean.

Tim hopes to eventually produce as much as 400 pounds of mushrooms per week. By doing so, he can supply local restaurants and farmers market customers, who love the color and variety his mushroom farm produces.

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