2023 Market Season: New Applicant

Online applications must be submitted this month.

Applications will be reviewed after registration closes on 9/30/22.

All applicants will receive their approval status via email no later than 10/31/22.

Please Note:
You’ll see a place in the form where selecting market dates is required. Don’t panic – just give us your best guess for your availability at this time! If approved, your requested dates will be considered for scheduling.


Farming Feeds Alabama.

You own a farm, ranch, and/or dairy located in the state of Alabama. If approved, you will be required to submit your grower’s permit and agree to a farm visit by market staff.

Farmer Application

Food Producer

Good Food = Good Times.

You prepare food items, such as but not limited to: salsas, cakes, cookies, pies, brownies, spices, breads, pastries & peanuts. Or you make ready to eat items like biscuits, burritos, kombucha & coffee.

Food Producer Application


Handmade With Love.

It’s your hobby turned full-time passion and you can’t wait to share it with everyone.
You’re a woodworker, metalsmith, leathersmith, jewelry designer, potter, clay maker, soap extraordinaire, candle guru, ceramist, graphic designer, painter, master of fabric arts, pet treat enthusiast, knife perfectionist – did we leave anything out? We can’t wait to learn more about your trade!

Maker Application

Food Truck/Cart

Beep! Beep!

In a truck, on a trailer, or with a cart is how you roll, and you’re selecting this application option because you own one.

By choosing this option, you’re applying to sell out of your truck/trailer/cart and not out of a tent. If you wish to sell out of a tent, please scroll up and select the Food Producer Application above.

Food Truck/Cart Application